Showcasing experimental tangible interfaces for future

Pictures and notes from the exhibition for Tangible Computing studio (Mar 2019) held at Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore.

Participants: Chinmayee, Manasi, Jayanti, Rashi, Vanshika, Sohaya, Calvin, Srushti, Eniyan, Shreya, Nupur, Ishita, Shalini, Saksham

Facilitated by Gaurav Singh (@0xf17) and Venkat Chilukuri (@vchilks)

Images from the exhibition

Photos courtesy: Venkat Chilukuri

Projects at display

Search Stylus

Chinmayee Murugkar, Manasi Kulkarni and Jayanti Dave

The Search Stylus allows readers to identify books of a chosen category with a simple tap on the book. Furthermore, readers can access more information about the book by saving it on one of the many nibs of the pen.

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DrOp Cendu

Rashi Balachandran, Vanshika Sanghi, Sohayainder Kaur

Tired of overcrowded buses, missing buses daily, or waiting for hours at the bus stop with no information? Drop Cendu erases all your bus-stop anxiety with real-time bus tracking information, automated doors to prevent overcrowding, and fun visuals to make your daily commute comfortable, easy, and anxiety-free!

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Calvin, Srushti G

A navigation device to make finding a user's desired bus/quickest bus to desired destination easier and more convenient.

Privacy in ATM

Ishita Begani, Shalini, Saksham

Have you ever stood in line of an ATM only to discover that all the money is over or only Rs.2000 notes are available? Or you see people peaking into your business unnecessarily while you just want to do a simple transaction? Our solution tackles both of these problems with an automatic enclosure and a visual indicator to show the denominations available in the ATM. The enclosure will get activated at the point during the experience where the user gives out any sensitive information. The visual indicator will show the levels of denominations in the ATM at that point of time and will change after each withdrawal. Our solution caters to the two most important themes that came up in our research – Privacy and Efficiency. In our current Prototype we've only addressed the Privacy Issue with a Flap that comes out every time Sensitive information is exchanged between the ATM and the user.

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Eniyan, Shreya, Nupur

Inspired from personalised music playlists, the initial idea of having user-generated booklists that facilitated the more vast, diverse and wider dissemination of library resources across varieties of user group, led us to the concept of the library of the future. The stages of interaction (from checking in a book, to being directed to the book you might be searching) will utilise the tangible objects present in the library, like the books and shelves themselves and encourage a more immersive experience of using the library for the people.

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